PNA's Hospital Study

In 2010 PNA became the first company in Greece to prodcue a Hospital Study including purchase and consumption records of Pharmaceutical Products in Public Hospitals of Greece

PNA's Hospital Study is an actual and not statistical recording of consumption of Pharmaceutical Products. PNA's database consists of hospital records since 2007 from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th National Health District.
Hospital Data are collected directly from each hospital and it includes purchases of pharmaceutical products made by each Hospital and the consumption of pharmaceutical products per hospital and per clinic.

Our Hospital Study in detail

Pharmaceutical Products

PNA's Hospital Study includes every pharmaceutical product that has been purchased by public hospitals of Greece. 

SKU description

The description of each Brand Name and SKU is according to the description provided by the National Organization of Medicines (EOF).

Pharmaceutical Companies

The comapny to which any product is assigned is the Pharmaceutical Company refered as Marketing Authorization Holder by EOF. 

Products Prices

In Greece pharmaceutical products' prices are defined by the Ministry of Health. This way, values included in PNA's Hospital Study are calculated based on the hospital price of each product as described by EOF publicated pricelist. 

Hospital Divisions/ Clinics

In order to retain the integrity of colected data, PNA's Hospital Study's Hospital division names are as described in the original/ raw records collected by the hospitals. PNA is able to group divisions after client's request. 

Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification (ATC)

PNA classifies products included in Hospital Study according to the EphMRA anatomical classification.

Purchases Study

PNA's Purchases Hospital Study includes records of pharmaceutical products purcahses and consumption per Hospital. PNA's study, currently, includes only records from public hospitals of Greece. 
All records have been reduced to Package (Boite-BT) level. PNA's Hospital Study does not include donations or discounts.

All records are analyzed to the following levels:

National Health District


Anatomical Classification (ATC 1, ATC 2, ATC 3, ATC 4)

Active Ingredients

Brand Name

SKU - EOF Code

Pharmaceutical Company

Generic / Original / Unidentified (No Active ingredients) / IFET Imported Product

Clinics Study

PNA's Clinics Hospital Study includes consumption of pharmaceutical products per clinic records.
Similarly to the purchases study, all records have been reduced to the level of package, while donations or discounts are not included.

All records are analyzed to the following levels:

National Health District


Hospital Division/ Clinic

Anatomical Classification (ATC 1, ATC 2, ATC 3, ATC 4)

Active Ingredients

Brand Name

SKU - EOF Code

Pharmaceutical Company

Generic / Original / Unidentified (No Active Ingredients) / IFET imported Products

Custom Studies

PNA is able to produce custom studies by using data of the above-mentioned studies in order to meet each client's specific needs. All data can be offered with a different level of analysis or for specific hospitals. Moreover, PNA can create custom Anatomical Classifications or groups of Hospitals.
For more details about our custom studies please contuct us.

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Presentation of PNA's Hospital Study

Data Cube Viewer

Our in-house Developed Hospital Data Managment Software

User Friendly

Data Cube Viewer enables Hospital Study users to produce previews of data wihtout any special computer skills needed.


Our software enables Hospital Data Users to create data previews on the spot, make complex selections in seconds and save them for future use. 

Executable File

Our software is developed by PNA and does not require any installation on users' computers. Opperating System Compatible: Windows

Excel Integration

Our software enables the user to export data to Ms Excel for further analysis.


Our software can be modified to present records in different periods (Semisters, quarters, MAT, YTD, etc) or calculate measures like gowth.

It is Tottaly Free

Our Software acompanies PNA's Hospital Study without any further charge. Moreover, there is no user number limitations.

Hospital Data Dashboards

Dynamic Charts of Hospital Data

In PNA we value your time and we believe that you should be offered an easy and helpful way of managing and presenting the Hospital Data we provide. This way, our Hospital Study comes with an Ms Excel Tool named PNA's Hospital Data Dashboard, which enables the user to produce various charts on the spot. The Dashboard is co-developed with our clients as we design it specificaly for each customer and it is offered without any further charge.
PNA also offers dashboards of hospital data in other forms which can be managed on different platforms (applications) like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and RStudio.

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